Redistribution of Transport Shipments

Project Overview

An integrated solution for the redistribution of shipments, a system for selecting and assigning orders to the logistics center for transport and redistribution to the transport companies that deliver the products to the destination.

Provided Services

Desktop Development
Database Development
Quality Assurance


  • The beneficiary of the project was a leading supplier in the industry of drug production, processing of herbal raw materials, and the production of cosmetic and chemical products.
    Their goal was to build a system for the selection and assignment of orders to the logistics center for transportation and redistribution to the transportation companies that deliver the products to the destination.


  • We have developed an integrated solution to help the user in his daily activities, for the redistribution of shipments. The scope of the system is to manage the scheduling and allocation of orders (derived from the commercial sector) and the selection of carriers (various carriers) that transport the products.
    Different departments in the company have special access to the system depending on the role of the logged-in user.


Dispatchers can track and manage orders and carriers currently transporting shipments
The logistics center is responsible for planning outbound transports that have to respect very complex business rules related to the type of products and their transport
The main task of the dispatchers is to plan which carriers meet the rules for transporting specific products and their capacity that can be transported in certain vehicles

Technology Used

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