Digital Loan Management guided by smart decisions

Powerful modular tool for financial institutions that helps them differentiate, provide the best possible customer experience and at the same time grow their portfolios.

Why use Platino?

Increased Efficiency

Almost 2/3 of all financial institutions have their efficiency as a top challenge in daily tasks. Keep track of all your processes with a more efficient and streamlined loan workflow.

Data Security & Automatic Backup

At least 10% of a company’s data is lost due to unsecured access or non-existent data backup! By using PLATINO we take care that your data is always safe and regularly stored.

Smart Insights

PLATINO gives you insights on cross-sell opportunities, loans at-risk, online loan applications, and more, thus speeding up the overall workflow process while keeping you aligned with loan policies.

Support & Trust

For more than 10 years, PLATINO is improving through many development cycles to fit and follow regulations and new technology. Together with its committed support, it is a proven and trusted platform now and for many years to come.

Features & Benefits

Easy Lending

Automated processes offer an excellent borrowing experience by completing the application process online.

Operationally the flow of payments, reliability checks, reports generation, calculation of risks, and many more are really fast and simple to manage.

Portfolio Growth

The user-friendly experience and insights for quick decisioning will allow for faster and more profitable growth of your business portfolio.

Individuals and businesses want funds fast and easy. PLATINO delivers faster turnaround and more profitable deals.

Secure and always regulative compliant

With proper and proven controls such as authentication, access control, integrity checking, secure deletion, and many more, the workflow in the loan’s lifecycle management ensures the protection and security of all data.

Hand in hand, every compliance and finance regulative requirement is timely implemented and integrated.

Real-Time Analytics

PLATINO offers a complete view of the performance of the business. This is crucial in the analysis and always propels you upward.

Getting real-time information on customer behavior, risky accounts, and application processing will keep you on top of the competition by taking the right proactive measures.

The list of key features goes on…


Easy document management

Debt collection




Asset Management

Automatic bookkeeping

included services

Platino implementation

We will implement Platino in your company and adapt the environment to work in your teams. We will help you organize management and cooperation thanks to Platino.

Platino training

We will share our practical experience in cooperation and building a knowledge base. We will conduct training anywhere – online and offline.

Platino support

We will take care of your needs and answer all your questions. We will provide your company with the highest efficiency of cooperation and knowledge sharing thanks to the possibilities of Platino software.

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